Thursday, February 23, 2012


Goodbye to Life Wrapped In Lace, and hello to a little something different and new. As always, a recent turn of events have caused me to grow introspectively. I still remember when I first started my blog. My husband and I had finished watching the movie Julie & Julia. Something inside of me yearned for what Julie had found; an outlet for her passion of cooking. I thought to myself, I could start a blog. What would I write about? Who would even care? I started by posting photographs of beautiful things, fashion, and products, and eventually became brave enough to start sharing some personal experiences, stories, fears and dreams. Things sometimes got very personal. I used the "F" word a handful of times, much to my mother's chagrin. (I tried to explain to her that there is not enough vocabulary in the English language used for emphasis, and sometimes, there is simply no better word.

I gained followers and friends. People reached out to me from all over the world. I often thought to myself, as I would check my statistics and read comments, what in the heck do we all have in common anyway? There were a few commonalities amongst my readers; the most common being the gender.

Women are complex and beautiful creatures composed of heart, pain, suffering and love. When I started my photography career, my writing complimented my photographic journeys and it was a natural marriage between my two loves. After almost three years of blogging, I one day realized something: people knew everything about me just through my written word, and yet there were times that I questioned the value in this.

There are some big changes underway with Wendy Alana Photography. I am working on a new full page website, promo video and blog, geared more towards my business and events. The new D800 will be in my hands in a much anticipated and few short weeks. Wedding season is fast approaching. I am working with some trusted photographers towards a referral program to ensure we all keep busy, as well as have a back up system.

My time with Life Wrapped In Lace was heartfelt. I go back in time and remember where I was at a certain point, and you were right alongside me with your supportive and sometimes argumentative comments. I take it all with me and although I feel I've found my purpose in helping many people by airing my own personal issues and thoughts, the world that we live in can sometimes use that information in a harmful way. The time has now come to start fresh. Change is never easy but it's necessary. Always necessary. I realized that blogs can become a one way street. Everyone knows me, what I'm up to and who I'm all about...but did they earn that right as a trusted friend, or simply have access through the internet? Information is indeed a two way street and just as services are exchanges for money, information should be mutually exchanged and trusted. Or at least that's the way I see it.

I will bid you adieu and keep my personal thoughts to myself where they belong; in a diary taped up and wrapped in lace under my mattress. Or at least for awhile anyway.

It's not goodbye. It's hello. Stay tuned for some new changes, and please excuse the mess as we are in the joyful stages of online construction.