Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hot and Cold

One day it's balmy conditions. The next, it sounds like the howling winds are going to send the backyard forest spiralling into our home. Praying for snow this weekend for two winter-themed engagement shoots. For now, a summer lemonade spritzer. Coming soon on the blog.

A woodland winter wonderland

My super talented friends Natalie & Mercedes have a cute little company called Darling & Daisy.
Mercedes asked us to photograph a styled event for a five year old's birthday party. The theme was woodland winter wonderland, complete with faux snow, life sized paper mache'd animals and child appropriate snacks, all hand made and brought together by Mercedes.

About the event, in Mer's words:

E is a special little girl who comes from a lovely family in Toronto, Ontario. Canada.  When her mom asked me to design her 5th birthday party as a 'Whimsical Woodland' my excitement level went through the roof. I built an indoor forest out of hand carved Styrofoam trees, large pieces of birch, and fresh fluffy "snow." The forest features some of my hand crafted paper mache work including a deer hear, a 4.5 foot white Jackalope,  and a fuzzy unicorn head. I baked and designed a gluten free dessert buffet including woodland cupcakes, cake, chocolate chip cookies and 'bunny treats' in tea cups. I also made woodland terrariums, and tons of pretty wall decor. The favors were beautiful woodland nightlights in pretty silver bags with custom labels for each guest. the marshmallow snow was that last magical touch that brought it all to life.

The kids made snow angels, explored through the forest, and went on a hunt for magical white applies that they got to take home as a memory of this truly spectacular afternoon. I handmade, baked and designed everything with my childlike imagination in full effect, and all my hard work paid off when I heard the kiddies were amazed by all the details as the explored the space, and the birthday girl had an incredibly magical party.

event design, dessert buffet, animal heads, artwork by Darling and Daisy
photographed by Wendy Alana Photography