Friday, February 28, 2014

New Stuff

Is it spring yet? This deep freeze has got us all feeling like caged animals with a serious case of cabin fever! I for one have had a relaxing winter, hibernating, getting caught up on much needed sleep and family time. I've taken courses, calibrated equipment, got some of my business items taken care of and I'm getting ready for wedding season!

We've kicked off the year with a romantic Valentine's Day wedding and are heading to Costa Rica in a few weeks for what will be the start of a series of spring weddings.

My new website went live yesterday. Come check it out and say hello here! The full page photos and cleaner, non-flash based platform will make it easier to search on mobile devices.

In other news, during a series of personal changes, SHE-Movement was born. On April 11th, almost 60 women will be in one room together, networking, sharing and listening to my cousin and I speak upon what it's all about and how it was formed.

Take a quick look at a sneak peek of the promo film I am working on. Sadly, this girl's dad passed away two days after we filmed this.

Lots going on, lots to share and lots more new stuff coming your way. 2014 started rough for us but we are ready to kick it up a notch this spring and kick some serious butt in the world. And the support of almost 500 new women with this movement is unlike anything I've felt before. Come join us on Facebook and be part of something epic.



Monday, February 24, 2014

Grayson's 1st Year Cake Smash & Bath {Brantford baby photographer}

We first met wee Grayson when he was a mere few weeks old in Costa Rica. Somehow as if out of nowhere, a year has passed and we celebrated his first birthday with a cake smash and photo shoot. We had so much fun and big sister Peyton was an excellent help. Some of the cutest little images I've ever taken!

Happy Birthday Grayson!




{{Giant cupcake made by my talented mother Lorraine :) }}