Monday, January 27, 2014

Sarah & Padraic {Dundas Engagement Photographer}

Sarah and Padraic came recommended to us by an old friend of mine. She later found out that her sister also booked us for her 2015 wedding. We are excited to photograph their upcoming March wedding. They met in Ireland and time, space and circumstance found them madly in love, and unable to live without each other in separate countries.

Padraic's family and friends will be flying from Ireland to witness their wedding. For most, this will be their first time in Canada.

This past Saturday, we met at their friend's beautiful stone home in Dundas and photographed around the grounds. We started the session off with their beloved pup Georgie who I quickly came to realize was the love of their lives. It was crisp and the sun started to peek out at dusk. The temperatures started to dip and we worked swiftly. We headed over to a local waterfall only to find an ice climber trekking his way up the frozen falls. In beneath the falls was a small alcove that looked as if it had a built in seat made just for them. I ran to the car to get our lighting and we captured some magical moments.

In between all the shots, we sat together in their car discussing their wedding plans and sipping hot coffee they so kindly brought us.

Just as we were finishing up, it lightly started to snow and we were able to get some gorgeous backlit shots.

I hope you enjoy the sneak peeks.