Friday, January 10, 2014

Jack Alexander {Cambridge Newborn Photographer}

If you enjoyed reading about Kate and Ryan's maternity session, then you'll love their newborn session with their two week old baby angel, Jack. I had long since retired doing newborn photography but my friend Kate would not have any of it. She insisted that I was the only one who would photograph this moment in their lives, even though I sent her several local links of amazing newborn photographers who specialize in this sort of thing.

I don't know why it usually stresses me out so much. Probably because we don't have kids of our own. Probably because the new parents are usually nervous and they're looking at us and we're looking at them, like what do we do with this small and foreign little person? I am definitely a Type A control freak who likes things to go to plan...and the plan for newborn shoots is, there is no plan! They run the show, their mood, temperment and energy level dictates the entire day. They are awake when you want them sleepy, sleepy when you want them awake and pooh on demand. The window of opportunity for that "perfect" shot is small. So you better be ready for it.

There are so many adorable photographs of new babies....a lot of them done by means of composite in Photoshop to keep the baby safe. Nobody would ever actually hang a baby in a tree. Although I've done a lot to learn these methods, the reason I agreed to photograph Jack was because Kate and Ryan were so super chilled about the whole thing. They didn't want photographs that they saw on Pinterest. They wanted photographs of them being them, in their own home, with Jack's own story to tell and original snapshots that nobody else in the world would have. It helps that we are friends, that they were patient and understanding and let us do our thing while still offering input.

In the middle of the newborn session, we headed to daddy's Chiropractic clinic to photograph him at work, then went back for the afternoon to get some individual shots of Jack Alexander. It was a long day and I think we wore out poor Jack. He did wonderful for his very first photoshoot and I suspect he'll be my subject of many more stories to tell in the future. At only two weeks old he can hold his head up by himself, he constantly looks towards the light and we think he'll be some sort of brilliant rocket scientist when he grows up. One thing is for sure, he's so very loved. Can't you just feel it?

Welcome to the world, Jack Alexander Broddick!


Love, us.


  1. Absoultely stunning photos... Jack is so precious and beautiful!!!
    Great photos Wendy!!!

  2. As a mum of 4 children, I recognize that these photos are a treasure worth more than gold. They will be viewed again and again and the heart of the viewer will swell each time. You have somehow made tangible those emotions that are so challenging to capture. What a gift!

  3. I'm glad they did manage to convince you to take the photos, they're absolutely wonderful and all the subjects look so relaxed, comfortable and happy. And baby Jack is just perfection! Or, that's how he looks in your photos. The close-ups are amazing, there's such warmth in the images.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Oh, I came to you via Verses from my Kitchen which I just came across today via..pinterest.
    Best wishes
    PS, I'm having such issues with commenting with my wordpress account, it seems to be going to post me as anonymous but I'm not posting anonymously (not that I'm saying anything bad).