Thursday, January 3, 2013

In Memory Of.

He was a man for the ages. A representation of a true gentleman chalk full of class, grace and generosity. He was a doting husband who took his wife's deteriorating state into his own tired hands for as long as he could. He never missed an event. He was never too tired, too busy, or too involved in himself.

Our generation could learn something from our dear Uncle Jim. I am truly embarrassed of today's self obsessed youth who can't be bothered to send a thank you card, pick up the phone or do their part for their community or their elders.

We are truly blessed that my parents included our Uncle and Aunt in so many family functions throughout the years. Most recently, we noticed his usual thin self withering into frailty and at the last wedding we spent with him, he didn't even get up to dance. Old long legs who is known for his goofy stomping dance moves recently told my mom that he didn't think he would be dancing again.

The very last time I saw Uncle Jim, he was staying with my parents to rest and recover, and I asked him, are you getting good care? His answer: the very best. I hugged him tight, let him know that I loved him and above all, I prayed.

But on New Years Day, 2013, he succumbed to his illness and age. May God watch over him in Heaven and my aunt here on earth.

We love you and will forever miss you Uncle Jim. These are a collection of memories that my mom had. The sheer importance of photographs is obvious.

Say what you need to say.

We honor you Uncle Jim.



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