Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Social Club

There's a new gym in town and I am so proud of my childhood friend Amber for opening it! It's called The Social Club. It's different. It's quaint. There's chandeliers and towel service. Bollywood and Kettle Bell. Barn doors and boutique service. Zumba, TRX and Piloxing.

The Grand opening is Sunday February 3rd and there is no enrollment fee for the month of February.
$32.99 bi-weekly and all equipment and specialty classes are included.

Their mantra is a welcoming atmosphere that encourages progress, not perfection.

Her dad once told her that if she didn't do it, someone else would. And so he saw it through the process and tragically passed away before the club even had a chance to open. She always imagined him coming in and joking around about being the towel boy and yet now he is gone, and the dream still exists. She told me that she can't fail and let her dad down. Failure is not an option for this young lady. Everything she has a part in is classy, elegant, cozy (and expensive ha ha!) What can  I say? She has great taste!

Am, I am so proud of you and I know your dad is too.

Head on up to Binbrook and say hello to Amber! And if you so desire, join a gym that offers the best. And nothing less.



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