Monday, June 25, 2012


So on our second week of Mexico, we got acquainted with two Ohio families. It started when I was sitting on my lounge chair chuckling to myself as I heard some people talking about time and punctuality. A kind looking gentleman looked my direction and asked my thoughts on what time the girls should be ready. They said that "Six-ish" usually means an hour late. And from there we would run into these families a couple of times a week at the pool. 

I found out that Ron and his wife were travelling with their friends of almost 40 years, Faith and Scott, and their two children Joe and Megan, and Joe's wife Jenna. Ron asked us what we loved about Canada and we got into a discussion of the differences between U.S.A and Canada. We would later find out that Ron used to work in Corporate American and later quit his job to become a spiritual guider to the troubled. We discussed religion and faith and he blessed us with some wonderful and positive insight.

We would also later find out that Scott also quit his job and was attending college at the same time their son was. Times were tough financially but the stars aligned and he eventually went back to school to become a teacher. Joe served in the armed forces and briefly touched on his experience with Hurricane Katrina. He is now a firefighter and married to lovely Jenna.

I was speaking to Faith about her gorgeous daughter whom I would then discover had her heart and spirit broken in a past relationship. Faith and Ron were highschool sweethearts so I was able to give her some insight as to how hard it is to get over a bad relationship and learn to trust again. She will, I mused. Give her time to heal. Faith then asked what I would charge for a quick photo on the beach. I then responded that I wanted nothing for one photo. 

We showed up fifteen minutes prior to the shoot, and the entire family was there, dressed and not only on time, but early. I was impressed that it wasn't "Six-ish". Once we started snapping they were very thankful and ready to walk away. We had them there. We kept shooting. Faith started to cry because she said she hadn't seen her daughter smile in a very long time. I gave Meg the camera and she took some amazing shots! To our surprise, we were then handed an envelope and a note. When we later opened the envelope, we were humbled with a very generous amount of money that basically paid for our spending money for two weeks away and a note that said we are very special and a part of their family.

Ron let us know that meeting us was a highlight of their trip and the photoshoot just topped it off. The absolute kindness of strangers is just overwhelmingly wonderful. We will definitely be visiting this family soon! Maybe on our trip to Pennsylvania this July!

To the Wilson & Scott Families...thank you for your company in Mexico! An absolutely inspiring group of people. We'll be seeing you! Here are just a few of the photos you will be receiving in the mail in the next couple of weeks.



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