Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Crystal & Jon {Hockley Valley Wedding Photographer}

We had been looking forward to this wedding since last year. Crystal and Jon have become more like friends to us than clients. Crystal and I would communicate every day through some sort of social media and vowed not to lose touch after her secret Pinterest boards were revealed.

If the weather report were a phone number, they'd have been on speed dial during the week leading up to the wedding. The couple chose Hockley Valley as their venue for the sole reason of being wed in the beautiful white tent. Snow and ice would have prevented this outdoor ceremony to take place but the God's were watching, the skies opened up and their day was the perfect amounts of sunshine and shade, warmth and crisp temperatures for a spring wedding. Blankets and bonfires make for romantic times indeed. 

We headed North Friday evening and checked into our gorgeous hotel room. We met the wedding party and celebrated at a local Jamaican restaurant Soulyve which was totally amazing and literally had most of us hot and bothered. Or mostly hot.

It's always so wonderful to spend a weekend with our couples and their guests. We awoke and toured the grounds for the ideal photo locations. We were able to run up and down the stairs from our room to theirs, grabbing whatever we needed along the way. The ceremony took place at 5pm so we worked quickly to ensure the photos were done in time for their entrance. The bridal party were more than fun and cooperative and we had a blast with them all day. As always, it was a pleasure working with our girls, Julia & Julia Bridal who we've teamed up with for our 2014 weddings and creatives. They make every day and event feel like a party. Love them!

When Crystal walked down the aisle, I don't think I've truly seen a more proud father. He wept tears of joy all day and beamed from the sidelines at his remarkable daughter and all that she has become. Jon is a pretty composed guy. But you could see the emotion in his face as his bride walked down the aisle to join him at his side. He whispered something at that moment that was caught in stills, and reserved for their own private memory banks.

After the portraits were completed, we headed to cocktail hour to get ready for the bridal party entrance. The venue felt more like a Toronto lounge than a banquet hall which was the exact vibe the couple had hoped for. The DJ played the perfect blend of old and new to ensure the dance floor was packed all night long. And it was.

I was talking to Crystal before and after the wedding and we exchanged thoughts on the emotion of the day. Truly, it's a day that you wait your entire life for. But not only to wear a gorgeous dress and marry the man of your dreams. It's a testament to what kind of person you have spent your life becoming and at that moment, in front of all your closest people, you know exactly by their words if you've lived a life to be proud of. I can tell you that the room was bursting at the seams with love, pride and admiration for the type of people that Crystal and Jon have become both as individuals and as a couple and we were honoured to be part of it.

The next morning as we checked out, I saw this little wee blonde with a leftover wedding sidesweep, run from her truck towards me, arms wide open in an engulfing hug. We know that feeling the next day; the high on life, don't ever want this day to be over feeling.

Crystal and Jon, we hope these photos tide you over and help you relive your perfect day over and over again. Have a wonderful time in gorgeous Aruba and we can't wait until you see your final photos. But for now; a taste.

All of him loves all of her.


Wendy Alana


And one more of the bride and I!! Thank you for the wonderful meals, accommodations and your kind words. Honoured to be part of your day! xoxo

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  1. Absolutely wonderful! A chance to live this exciting day all over again. We are so proud.