Thursday, March 8, 2012

Use the good dishes.

You know the poem Use the good dishes? This is how I've been feeling lately. If you've seen the movie Friends with money, you can appreciate Jennifer Aniston's character and how, amongst her rich friends, she savoured any free samples of expensive cosmetics she could get her hands on.

Yesterday I went to the MAC counter and couldn't wait to hand in my six empty containers in exchange for one free lipstick. The sales person noticed that my lipstick was still almost full. I recalled leaving a nightclub almost 12 years ago, and walking away with a gift bag of cosmetics, and one of the products was a lipstick, in the shade of Twig. I never really used it and I'm sure the shelf life was well earlier than a decade so I decided to say goodbye. It's funny how when you can't afford such expensive products, you truly savour those moments and products. I just could never part with it.

I'll never forget my girlfriend and I trading our poor, urban, 20-something year old stories. She was so excited to have bought a 100 ml bottle of Burberry Brit perfume. If you could have seen the moment that it fell off the counter, shattering into a million beautiful fragranced pieces, and her face of sheer heart break, you too would never forget it.

Last night I had a photo shoot with my girlfriend. It is so amazing to photograph someone who knows what poses flatter her body and is comfortable with herself. I was testing some lighting for our video promo shoot on Sunday, and my wireless triggers fell and broke.  In a time where Michael has lost his job, every penny counts at this point. I shrugged it off, because things could always be worse.

People ask me if I am afraid when I bring my "good camera and lenses" out to photograph non-paid events. I refuse to baby and coddle my equipment and miss out on a good moment out of fear that it will be stolen or ruined. What's the point in waiting to use the good stuff?

Today, I found every expensive cosmetic sample that I've ever received and put it all on my face. This concoction of products probably will do more harm than good. My point is, there is no better time than now to use the good dishes, the fine china, the expensive towels, the sharp lenses, the vintage wine, and high end face creams.

Who knows how much time we have? We may as well make it count. And enjoy the fine life now.

Here are a few photos from our photo shoot last night. Shanon looks like a Hollywood starlet. The photos filled my heart with joy (and so did the fact that my husband was able to fix my triggers in time for our first wedding this season.)



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