Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My friend Kim and her fam!!

 Kim and I met several years ago when we were in our University days. We have many many memories of those young and reckless days together. Through the magic of Facebook, we reconnected a while back and I have photographed several mutual friends' families during the time in between. The Croatian community is vast but small at the same time and everyone knows everyone.

We have been planning this shoot for some time now and the minute we pulled up to their Milton home, Kim flung the door open and gave me the biggest hug. She has not changed. She has a massive and genuine smile on her face. She talks a mile a minute. (We both do and our husbands just marvelled in amazement that we could understand each other's sentences. You know the kind of friend you can speak in half words and totally get what the other person is saying? That's Kim.)

In a twist of irony, Kim was the H.R. person that Michael interviewed with for a job he really wants. Six degrees of separation is ringing true for me more than ever these days.

Their yard was the perfect backdrop for family photos. Marko is not a fan of posed shots which delighted me, as we all know my favourites are the moments that just happen on their own; tantrums and all!

Once the kids went to bed, we ordered sushi, drank several bottles of beautiful red wine in the gorgeous summer-like weather and caught up on the missing years. I arrived home at 3 am and couldn't wait to go through my photos. Here are some of my favourites.

Loved our time together girl!!! Can't wait until next time.




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