Monday, May 21, 2012

The Van Winckle Family

Part of the unknown of my job is meeting clients for the very first time. Often times, we communicate via email or phone and you never quite know what to expect when meeting people. As in life, everyone is different; people come from all walks of life, moods and situations.

Saturday morning, Michael and I headed to Oakville's Tannery Park for a family shoot with Lisa, Darren and their adorable little girl Ava. We were greeted warmly and I was delighted to see them with an entire wardrobe selection hanging from the back of their truck. It is so awesome when clients are equally invested in their shoot. Their outfits, right down to their Toms shoes all coordinated and fit the mood of the shoot. We walked through the marina, the park and the beach. At one point, a kind man came by and offered to take the picture so Michael and I could get in the family photo. We informed him that we were the photographers and we all had a little laugh, but in my head I was thinking that it must be as obvious to passerby's as it was to me how comfortable we all were together.

Sometimes during a shoot, there are other stories unfolding and I am so thankful to have my camera. During a wardrobe change, I caught an elderly man walking with his trusted friend. Literally I couldn't stop watching as the unlikely friend held his hand the entire time he walked.

Here are some photos from Saturday's shoot. We are delighted to be able to spend time with this couple again when we photograph a June wedding at White Oaks Resort for an equally beautiful couple.
Like truly does attract like, and if I am blessed to spend more time with this entire group of people, then I am a lucky woman.

Thanks for an enjoyable morning!




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