Wednesday, July 4, 2012

For Lukas.

Our friendship started years ago in the wild and carefree days of University. Years later we would casually meet up, only to discover that that each of us had a specific purpose or message of hope for the other.

Sandi was the first one to hire me for a photoshoot of her children. It was bittersweet, considering our circumstances which shall remain a private and special story between the two of us.

And here we were on the weekend, reunited again. Myself and Michael were hired to photograph a birthday party for Sandi & Nick's two beautiful children Nikolina and Lukas. There were friends at the party I hadn't seen in years, and just my luck, I was sick as a dog.

We shared some inside jokes and when I first arrived, Sandi thought it was a total prank. An hour later, I was praying toilet side to feel well. I would later find out that evening that Sandi also used her very limited and sacred prayers to ask that I feel better.

It was a very important photo shoot, and not one that could be re-done a week later. And so with every ounce of strength and prayer I had,  I willed myself to feel better. For Lukas.

Little angelic Lukas had a tumor on his brain and had 2 surgeries to remove it. At two years old, he's already had more to deal with than most grownups. In lieu of birthday gifts, Sandi & Nick requested donations for McMaster Children's Hospital and B.R.A.I.N. Child. We took a photo of the entire group which will be submitted to the local newspaper.

Between the kids jumping in the pool, the adults partying and the reminiscing, before I knew it, the sun was down and I was feeling myself again. We put the cameras away and just enjoyed our time together.

There are some people in life that you know, despite distance and time passing, will be lifelong friends. I've been blessed with many things in my life. This year has been chalk full of extraordinary miracles, memories and of course photographs to document all the magic.

Sandi, Nick and the rest of the crew on the weekend, thank you for an unbelievable time and experience and most of all for trusting us to capture this special time in your lives. You are very special to us. God Bless you and all your families.




*** If you are looking to have a group party and want it documented, feel free to email us for our rates. We took photos of each family as well as candids and split amongst a group of people, it's a way to ensure your moments are documented while you sit back, put your cameras away, and enjoy.***


  1. I don't even know what to say....thank you so much. You are as great with your words as you are with capturing photos. I really don't want our friendship just to be about work....I want to have you and michael in our even though life is hectic, let's make sure we make time. oxoxoxoxo
    thank you thank you thank you....Sandi

  2. Wow!!! Truly amazing....your work and your words! You and Michael captured the essence of what Sandi and Nick wanted this day to be about....a celebration of love and life! We pray that these snapshots of happiness and fun is what Lukas and his family now get to look forward to.

    It was soooo nice catching up with you Wendy! Hopefully we'll see you soon! I won't let too much time pass for the family photos I would LOVE for you to shoot!
    Thank you for your "Hollywood" pose tips!
    Lots of love and blessings! Irena

  3. Beautiful photos Wendy! The first one is magic I love it :)