Friday, July 6, 2012

Turbans & Tiaras

I met Suk a few years back at a company function. He came with a friend to our Christmas party and tore up the dance floor with his Bollywood moves. He contacted me for a special shoot with his beautiful lady friend. We met up in Waterloo and I started my usual routine of ensuring they were comfortable. I started posing them and at one point asked them to kiss. Suk then told me that I didn't have to bother with these types of poses and that he wanted something tasteful.

I was caught off guard and immediately had to rethink my strategy. I hadn't even taken into consideration their culture, or the fact that there are certain parameters for couples of their heritage.

It forced me to instantly look at the session in a different way. I had to come up with a meaningful photo session that was modern and special, but without the two of them being so touchy feely. The result were some romantic photos that reminded me of a Hollywood movie. In a world where so much is in your face, it was refreshing to be around such innocence. His lovely lady is heading back to England soon so I wanted to give them a memory of each other to keep. The polaroid shot is one of my favourites and I'm loving the film-like processing of these images.

They were worried they looked nervous and stiff. In fact, these two were so adorable...their final images were anything but stiff.

Thank you both for an amazing experience and a new and fresh way of approaching a shoot.




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