Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I hired this wedding planner to help me with the details of my big day(s). She once told me that I inspire her beyond belief and that I was ridiculously talented. I had no idea what she was talking about. She told me to take one of my very first photos of a Chanel bag and pearls, and put my logo on it. In fact, if you google my name, her site most always is the one who comes up first.

She told me I was onto something. She allowed me the chance to photograph my very first subject....her. 

We were insanely similar, shared many private stories, argued, made up, drifted and now occasionally work together. A once-scared suburbanite has now turned into a well travelled city dweller who isn't afraid to tell it like it is. I used to chide her for her notion of perfectly perfect and I am extremely proud of her candid, honest and soul-baring journey from perfect to perfectly okay.

This latest post hits close to home and she couldn't have worded it better:  I wrote once that some people control their surroundings by being private, that others exert control by being open...and that clearly, I'm an "other".  I am transparent.

This past year we have been blessed to have met so many incredible people. I'm often asked how I manage to keep up with the social aspect of my job...especially from fellow introverted photographers. It really does come natural when you are in good company but it does sometimes get exhausting. I feel like if we were to halt the business right now, I would be fulfilled with what we've accomplished and who we've met. It is safe to say that a handful of our 2012 couples have become lifelong friends. We've booked travel together, planned to ring in the new year together and text like girlfriends, not clients. Sometimes I just don't want any new friends. Especially those that are not transparent. There is room for those people too and not every single event will be so heavily connected. Some will feel like jobs, some will feel like work and that's life.

I was asked the other day if I thought I favoured attractive people with my posts. The truth is, attractive people are the ones who are honest, humble and real. Those are the people I feel connected to....does that mean I work harder on their event? Definitely not. But sometimes the inside shines through the outside and it makes for darn good photos.

December is always a time for reflections and musings. This year has been a whirlwind and mostly consumed with my career ups, downs and maintaining a healthy balance between the two. I feel proud of what I've accomplished, proud of the person I have become, the relationships I have formed and fostered, the relationships I discarded and look forward to the ones I've yet to meet. This journey has taken me and will continue to take me to places I never dreamt of going. It's allowed me to cross paths with some of the most remarkably talented and kind people I've ever met and also veered me off a slight dirt side road to the not so remarkable.

I continue to be me, continue to improve and always always seek the truth.  I hope you do too.
I wish everyone a life of love and transparency. And I thank Mary for inspiring me to write again....because for too long it took a back seat to the days swiftly gone by.



"People don’t benefit others by  being secretive and withheld and reserved. People benefit others by sharing stuff, telling stuff, and making people think stuff that they wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.
No one tells the author of a bestseller that they were too open – because, for whatever reason, they bought in to the transparency – they saw it as an opportunity to grow/learn/change.
My transparency may not be a bestseller….. or maybe one day it will….. but, for whatever reason, some people buy in to it – and see it as an opportunity to grow/learn/change by proxy." ~ Mary Bratko

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