Friday, December 21, 2012

Amy & Kate

My first real job in Toronto. Ten years ago. Amy came to greet my in the lobby and we started to laugh because we had the exact same hair cut. We both went to Brock. People thought the interview was rigged. Turned out we just had a lot in common. She left the company after two weeks and we never really kept in touch until recently. Michael and I showed up to her beautiful Toronto home yesterday and were greeted with a glass of wine and that same warm smile I remember. She was just as beautiful and successful as I remembered.

We had a photo shoot with Amy and her sister Kate yesterday and a two hour session turned into twelve. We literally got home at midnight and had so much fun reminiscing. So many laughs. So much to share. I think her parents will really be surprised with the print they will give to them at Christmas.

I literally make a fool out of myself during photo shoots sometimes...especially when people are not comfortable in front of the camera...but it's so worth it. And we've mastered the trick of finding the best light. Amy was hesitant to photograph in her washroom but we convinced her the gorgeous skylight and white reflecting walls would make for beautiful portrait light. Her and her sister are single...yet another pair that I have found who are gorgeous, smart, kind, successful and put together...and not having much luck in the dating department. I just don't understand it.

What an amazing way to end off my year of shooting! Love you girls!

I am done work for the year and looking forward to a relaxing weekend at the Pillar & Post with my mom for some R&R, shopping and catching up.

Happy Holidays everyone!!



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