Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jen & Casey....wedded bliss.

The day had finally arrived for Jen and Casey's winter wedding. We were overjoyed that the weather was just right; afterall it's difficult to time that perfect December weather. Too much snow and it would be a blizzard and too much rain or wind and we would get soaked. Sun reflecting off snow can also cause an awful blue colour cast to the bride's white dress so we were excited that the temperature was above zero and the sky was slightly overcast.

We met Jen and Casey through her sister Lesley. We photographed her wedding this past summer. Lesley and Jen both married Chiropractors who just so happened to be best friends. Both Les and Jen work in the health field and they all have moved North of Toronto. The four of them have a special bond that is enviable for those who are around them.

When we photographed Jen and Casey's engagement session in Toronto, we had never met. The two of them came bounding across the Sunnyside bridge, hand in hand, gorgeous and smiling. We hit it off as instantly as we did with Lesley and Matt.

Throughout the year we would see each other at functions and their other cousin's wedding whom we also photographed and have I mentioned her sister has hired us for her June Punta Cana wedding? What a whirlwind year for these families and I truly cannot express into words, how lucky we were that we formed the bond we did and that this clan trusted us with their memories.

Jen is a lady. She is gorgeous, classy, smart, funny and honestly so so kind and soft spoken. When she walks, Casey's eyes adoringly follow her. This is the stuff not only wedding photographers notice, but it is also apparent to anyone who is lucky enough to be in a room with them. Casey is a riot. He's got the moves on the dance floor, a smile on his face every single time we see him and a heart of gold. There's only one thing we've yet to figure out, and to quote Jen's stepdad Vito....what exactly is the Casey face? 

Just teasing. This blog post is not a roast. Those who know Casey know what the face is anyways!

Back to the day....December 15th. The girls were ready on time and rocked our portrait session! As a woman who walks into a room full of other unknown women, it can be daunting at times. Usually I'm sized up in a few seconds, I tell a stupid self deprecating joke to make everyone laugh and cut the tension of the strange female in the room. And in a short while, I'm no longer the one that doesn't belong there.

There was ample amounts of food for everyone to munch on prior to the ceremony. These families have been so generous with us, supplying accommodations, snacks, gifts, cards and always making us feel like we are one of them. I can honestly say that 2012 is going to be difficult to top and I'm sometimes not even sure I even want to.

The guys were amazing to work with. This was Jen's little brother Matt's first wedding party and he was so excited about it. There were four Matt's in the wedding party and by the end of the night I just referred to them all by that name. Even the one's who were not.

The ceremony was beautiful and simple. A string quartet played as Jen's dad walked her down the aisle and was greeted by her stepdad. Afterwards we all left for photos to Niagara on the Lake and then to Chateau des Charmes. Dusk descended quickly and we headed back to the gorgeous reception.

Queen's Landing was so beautifully decorated for the season in shades of metallics, silvers and golds. There was no red and green tacky decor for this bride. The speeches were given, dances completed and meals served. The party continued well after the event and the staff were so kind as to let everyone into the library to keep things a-rockin'. I have polaroid pictures of a certain room full of people jumping on the bed and having a blast!

I truly did not want the weekend to end. As always, this family has been amazing, kind, wonderful to work with and we hope this special friendship we have formed is not over. You can't be friends with all your clients but in our case this year, I mostly say we can. And some will remain that way for a lifetime.

Jen and Casey, what can I say that I haven't already? We love you so much, are honoured you allowed us to celebrate and document your day and we wish you all the love and happiness in the world. Two people could not be more suited for each other and your families have done a wonderful job raising you both!

We hope you had a great time in Costa Rica!

Love forever and a day,



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  1. Such a beautiful family and Wendy, you captured their special times so very well.
    I love the photos, not being able to be there because of a family crisis, I am able to get a sense of the joy that Jen and Casey show wherever they go.