Thursday, March 7, 2013

These are the moments - Hamilton Wedding Photographer

My girlfriend is shooting her very first wedding tomorrow. As I was assembling a list of the must have shots for her, I attempted to explain what it is that I've been told makes my photographs different than others. I started studying all of my pictures. The posing is always different. The decor and venues and lighting are always different. Personalities are always different. My editing varies from shoot to shoot. But the one thing that I have been told about my photos which is consistent across the board, is they all have heart. It's about the moments and the magic of the love between two people and their loved ones who watch on. Sometimes the moments are noisy, sometimes they are silent. Sometimes they are obvious and sometimes only the subject would understand the moment or the impact of that photo. Here are some of my favourite moments in my career, thus far. 

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