Thursday, December 12, 2013

Alanna & Derek {Carlu Toronto wedding photographer}

Alanna & Derek were married this past June in beautiful St. Basil's church in Toronto, the same church her parents were wed at years ago. The reception took place at the Carlu and was a grand and lavish affair with a rainforest theme. The event was pulled together by Crystal Adair-Benning from Distinct Occasions and featured a large tree honouring the bride's deceased father, as well as a gorgeous cake hand crafted by world famous cake designer The Caketress.

The couple had hired USA's Tim Willoughby as their photographer but upon seeing our work, hired us to work alongside him as secondary shooters for the day and evening. It was quite the challenging day. First, getting around the downtown core with shutdowns, protests and concerts. Second, working alongside 2 videographers and 3 photographers as well and trying to get all the shots/stay out of each other's way. I was instructed to get the photograph of the bride's beautiful Vera Wang dress walking down the aisle but got called out twice by the priest that if he saw me on the balcony again, he would kick me out of the ceremony. Anything for the shot!

Their family is from a musical and theatrical background. The wedding party learned several choreographed dances leading up to the wedding. It was like nothing we've ever seen before. Alanna and her brother danced together in her second dress. The guests watched on in awe. So much time and work must have went into planning this wedding and they sure did give a performance of a lifetime! Albeit small, she's mighty. You would never guess this tiny bubbly bride is a plastic surgeon! A family of many talents indeed.

We were thrilled to capture these details and although they were disappointed their event was not published in a desired magazine, I am equally excited to share our images with you here.

We wish them nothing but luck and happiness in their future!

Wendy & Michael

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