Monday, December 9, 2013

Eva & Rob {Distillery Toronto Engagement Photographer}

Eva called me last week in a panic. Unfortunately, her wedding photographer cancelled her engagement shoot and she wanted photos taken during the winter market at the Distillery district in Toronto. The lights are only on until this weekend and with us shooting in Mexico and their schedules, the only day that worked was yesterday. We flew home from tropical temperatures and arrived to what felt like the arctic in comparison.

We met Eva, Rob and their friends and worked quickly in the cold, amongst thousands of people and trying to dodge security for lack of a shooting permit. At one point, the security guard told us we were not allowed to continue the shoot if we were using models. I explained to them that this remarkably good-looking couple were in fact, real people. He didn't buy it.

We weaved and bobbed through the crowd and shared some boozy hot chocolate. We sat by the fire and got toasty and were sad to turn down their invite for Mexican food. We had been running on almost 48 hours with barely any sleep and at that point were semi-delusional.

It is an absolute pleasure to have been chosen photograph their huge 500 person Croatian wedding this summer. Eva and Rob, you two are so adorable! Here's your sneak peeks.



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