Monday, May 5, 2014

Baby Blake {Milton Newborn + Family Photographer}

This post is timely for me on a personal level. While editing these photos yesterday, I got a little misty-eyed. I realized that while I spend every day and weekend shooting and editing beautiful photos and memories for others and their families, my own walls sit empty and void of any still images of our own family and our own daily lives.

It's been on our minds for a while to start a family but everything just somehow got in the way. Either I quit my job or Mike was in transition of jobs or I started a new business or we were travelling. It was this weekend that we decided to start being serious about making plans. I refunded my bride who was getting married in Mexico after being honest with her that if, God willing we were blessed with a child, I wouldn't be able to predict if I could fly in March or not. It felt like the right thing to do in my heart.

When it comes to my weddings here, it's easy enough to plan and make arrangements for assistance but that's just not a risk I can take when someone is paying full price for us to shoot their wedding abroad, and we are not able to know what may lie ahead for us.

We booked our dream trip to Italy in November and will continue on our regular lives working and planning for our future but who knows where this year will lead us. I've realized that some things are not in our control and I'm okay with that, but at the same time have made some changes in my life when it comes to health, priorities and plans.

Although I have said time and time again that newborn shoots are not something I really do, I couldn't say no to my client and past bride. We shot her wedding in Mexico, her first newborn and family photos and she was okay with my lifestyle type of photos. I'm not a photoshop expert by any means and although I've tried my hardest to get the pose of a baby hanging from a tree or propping them up to look like a frog, my clients don't really want that anymore. They want their photos to be unique to them, and to be part of the shoot as well. I adore studio style work and have many photographers I recommend for that sort of look. But for now, this is what I do.

I hope you like it. Welcome Baby Blake and his big brother Riley who is growing up so fast and learning to share, speak full sentences and give high fives.

Honoured to be part of this family journey, once again.



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