Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Hunziger Family {Burlington Paletta Mansion Family Photographer}

She never wins anything! But that luck changed on New Year's Eve day when I announced the winner for a free one hour photo shoot with yours truly.

What an adorable little family we photographed yesterday at Paletta Mansion in Burlington. We had rescheduled a few times due to bad weather and as usual, things worked out how they are supposed to. The sky was perfectly overcast providing us with amazing soft and diffused light. The park was empty; not another soul to be found. (Not sure if this was due to the coyote warning that we would later find along our travels into the woods).

Katie, Chris and beautiful baby girl Layna (the smiliest little girl ever), we hope you enjoyed your session and love your photos as much as we do. Here's a sneak peek.

(p.s. Thank you so much for the thoughtful card and for taking the time to find the bottle of my favourite wine.)




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