Thursday, September 6, 2012

Girls. Wanna. Have. Fun.

Heidi and I went to highschool together, albeit four years apart. We spent the entire day and night yesterday catching up and sharing stories of growing up in Stoney Creek. We know the same people. Probably dated the same boys. Shared the same insecurities. Had the same experiences with trying to please "the popular girls."  Shudder. High school was hell. And sadly I've learned some people never grow out of it. But here she is. Single, making six figures as a nurse, owning and renovating her own home, funny as hell and drop dead gorgeous. Did I mention single? 

Michael and I collaborated and put together this album of girlfriend inspired photos. Heidi was the one who inspired me to cut off all my hair again and so we thought it would be cute to do a shoot together.  So much fun. Why not book a session with your best friend and document these care free moments? Time is fleeting. Document it now.



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