Tuesday, September 18, 2012

~ A new day has come ~

Have you ever admired someone so completely that they entirely changed your world upside down? Can you fathom that same person that has been your muse for so long, now wants to sing your song for example? Or in my case, be photographed by me.

I first met Natalie over 3.5 years ago on a wedding planning site. We were both on Canadian Bride, long before the likes of Pinterest and other such eye pleasing blogs. She posted photos of her bridal shower and I almost died. I asked her in amazement, who was responsible for photographing such jaw-dropping images and her response has contributed to forever changing my life. In that single moment.

She, this gorgeous and young lady was the photographer. And then it hit me. Whatever this is, I need to do this with my life.

We carried on communicating for a few years, and had many deep and heartfelt "conversations." She helped me with my struggling beginnings in photography, and we chatted about life, love and most personally, her desire to have a baby.

Together we conspired to one day meet but since the distance permitted this, I concocted a different plan. I scrawled a message to God, translated to Italian by Natalie, put it in a bottle and threw it far into the rapidly flowing currents of the river. One day, I received a message, on the day I bought my first professional camera: You're getting a D800 and I'm getting a baby. Both our dreams are coming true.

Michael and I took a week long trip to Ottawa, Mont Tremblant and Montreal last week and I finally got to meet Nat and her family in person. She was a lot shorter than I imagined, but then again, so was Madonna. It's funny how someone so high on the pedestal in your imagination, is not really that tall at all. But in real life, this tiny and beautiful person who I've admired so immensely over all these years, is a sweet, talented and excited mother-to-be. And after spending the day and night with her mom, sister, grandparents, husband and doggy, it felt like we were forever friends.

And we will be.

Natalie, Lucas & family, thank you so much for being so hospitable to us. We had minimal time to work with, no chance for an alternate rain date and no real planning went into this shoot. Sometimes, like we discussed, there is this moment where the spontaneous meets the talent, and magic just happens. We hope these images tide you over until your beautiful baby girl Ellia arrives. We can't wait to meet her.

Love always,



  1. Beautiful. For so many reasons! :)

  2. Dear Wendy, I will never be able to thank you enough for giving me such amazing memories. I just adore every single photo, you are truly incredible. I am so happy that we 'met' all those years ago, and that my photography had such an impact on your life. It was so wonderful to finally meet you in person and spend time with you and Michael. I cannot wait to get together again after Ellia has arrived. Love, Nat xoxoxo

  3. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I love these!!!

  4. Hi Wendy;

    This is very odd for me, as I don't normally email people I don't know, however I stumbled upon your blog and website and just wanted to say how amazed I am with your journey and your photos! I am currently working in Finance as well, and am not loving it, ironically I love photography, and am totally inspired by your story. I wish I could be as brave as you and quit my job, however I feel without it I might be lost {although right now, as I am in it, I sometimes feel lost anyways!}. I will continue to follow your blog, and hope that perhaps as I continue to read, your journey will push me even further to pursuing something I love, and not simply accept what is the easiest route.

    I wish you all the best in your life, and thank you for sharing your story!!



  5. OH MY GOD WENDY.....the entire shoot is incredible you are soooo very talented. It was such a pleasure to meet you and Micheal, hopefully next time we can spend more time together. I read your post twice and cried both times...lol!

  6. Wow! Love all these. Your dedication to capturing the perfect moment is something I have always look up to.
    You have an absolute gift Wendy... You are destined for greatness.


  7. First I want to thank my Niece Nancy Papalia for sharing this with me. Natalie and Lucas, you are a beautiful couple.
    God Bless You.
    Windy Alana, Your photography is parallel to the best in the business.

  8. OMG!!! These photos are amazing!! I'm so inspired by you and love your work. You are an such an awesome photographer.