Saturday, September 29, 2012

Giving thanks

We are shooting a family wedding next weekend and since we will all be there, we decided to do Thanksgiving a week early this year. My parent's place at the lake has become a special spot to us this past year. We go for long walks on the beach, chill out and most importantly, spend time together. Last night was the final weekend until everyone closes up for the season. I could smell the waft of turkey as soon as we rounded the corner. Bundled up in our comfy cozies, the four of us sat and had some drinks, munchies, and reflected on recent events. If there is something I have learned as we get older, it's that our time with loved ones is eventually limited. It saddens me to see my parents slowly aging. They are still active and could probably run circles around people their own age, but still. It's their time to relax and enjoy life. They've both been through so much and now deserve a peaceful life. I blogged at Christmas time how, after almost 7 years together as a blended family, my stepsister explained that this was the first time she felt that we were a real family. No struggles, no strife and having each other's backs. Inside jokes, traditions and routine. At the end of the day, all that matters is who is between those four walls, what is said is only known to us and that we make each moment and day count, spending time together and laughing, instead of wasting moments re-hashing the past. I realize that what we have is a gift. Having our parents alive and well is a precious, precious gift and we have grown so much as a family, and finally got our groove going, so to speak. We know the drill, we know each other's moods, we know what and what not to say. We are all that we've got, and for this, at Thanksgiving season, I am grateful. Cheers to another wonderful summer together and on to a new season, your seventh wedding anniversary, and our fifth year of being together. 



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