Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ania + Artur {Dundas wedding photographer}

Ania and I sat in my dining room and had a coffee one Friday morning last year. She came to us through mutual friends and we discussed her 2013 summer wedding. I always ask if there are any sensitive situations in the family to be aware of on the wedding day. Ania's dad had passed away and although it had been a few years, the wounds were obviously still fresh. We cried together and I knew I found a beautiful bride who's wedding would most likely be an emotional one.

And emotional it was.

This was my first Polish wedding. By now, I'm used to the amount of people that are at the bride's home in the morning. This day was no different. Michael headed to Artur's home. We were told that he was not a big fan of photos, but he did everything Michael asked and got some great shots (and photographs too!) {I really need to clarify to my European couples the difference between "shots" and "photographs"....they get very excited when I talk about having some shots....followed by disappointment at the realization I am not talking about liquor}...which I promise they can have...once they allow me to take my photos :)

The day was a hot one. It called for rain, which it did but the humidity was palpable. The limo did not show up. At all. We were given literally a few minutes to take the photos before the bridal party melted. There was no time for posing, checking camera settings and thinking. And amongst these small nuisances, there was still joy, celebration, dancing and a big Polish party.

The church was gorgeous and the reception at Dundas Valley just breathtaking. I sat with the singer of the wonderful Polish band and we excitedly discovered we would be heading to NYC around the same time...and how ecstatic she will be to one day get married. I heart her.

Ania & Artur, we thank you so much for allowing us into the privacy of your day. We wish you nothing but joy and happiness. Your families were so warm and welcoming to us and we very much appreciate it.