Tuesday, July 16, 2013

On the backburner

My sad little blog has been put on the backburner in the crest of wedding season. Things have been hectic over here and trying to keep up with all the social media updates takes a serious effort! Most of my recent work has been posted to my Facebook business page but I'm also trying to keep up and rebrand my website, logo, video, updating Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram, etc etc. I'm ordering some new supplies of USB keys. The CD medium is quickly dying out.

This weekend is our first without a wedding in 8 consecutive weeks. I am catching up on all of my editing this week and we are both recovering from an illness that everyone seemed to have caught in the Dominican. Two people were taken away by ambulance. It makes you reconsider travelling when you get that sick both down there and upon your return.

We are getting a fence and deck built and the noise interruptions are less than ideal. We are wrapping up our engagement sessions for this year and meeting a lot of clients for 2014 weddings. I have so much to tell you from our travels and weddings. It's coming, I promise.

I've submitted some of my weddings to some key wedding blogs and am waiting for the publication of one in particular so I can share this over the moon gala with you! Until then, it's top secret.

August will be for me. I am headed to NYC twice...once for a girls weekend and the second to shoot a wedding. We will be taking some down time before the September rush again.

I am also teaching some one on one courses starting in the fall. I find I spend so much time answering long and detailed email questions, that it's best to sit down in person and discuss...hands on.

We have yet to photograph any of the sessions we booked when I ran the Tim Bosma fund promotion. So those will all be coming up at once.

I've lost ten pounds by cutting out the crap in my diet. I've received thoughtful gifts from some seriously amazing friends. I've scheduled time to hang with the girls. And to celebrate milestone's like our birthdays, pregnancies, anniversaries and sometimes for no occasion at all. Mike's food blog is supplementing some of the income we missed when he lost his job. In the meantime, he's taking on gigs like food and restaurant photography, private events and well, helping the guy who's building our fence with his summer jobs. It's nuts how in the winter we are literally in famine. There was no income coming in. And then it's feast time all at once. It feels good to be ahead of the game, pay our bills and business taxes and do things around the house we've waited a few years to do. I sleep best being financially squared up.

And just when things seem cray cray and unmanageable, I get an email like this:

I LOVE your page and your inspiring posts. You have quickly become my go to page when in doubt of what I'm doing with my life! Thank you!!

Busy is good. It prevents me from having time to self-doubt. To creep other photographer's pages and second guess my own work. From dwelling on the negative.

There is so much to look forward to, and I can't wait to share it all with you. Thank you so much for your constant feedback and love.

I really can't wait to start writing again. It is afterall, the gin to my juice. Or the apple of my eye? Wait. I think I have heat exhaustion. You get what I'm saying though. Writing completes my photography. And I believe that it makes my clients feel special when I pour out my heart about their day. Or so they tell me anyways.

So if you are checking in regularly to my blogs, only to find my daily updates have dwindled to weekly, check one of the many other forms of social media. I'm out there. Just not everywhere at once.

A few photos of lately.

Double Italian kisses,



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