Friday, July 26, 2013

Daniela & Franco {Niagara Club Roma wedding photographer}

The dictionary's definition of party: Of or for a social gathering.

The definition of Daniela and Franco's wedding: P.A.R.T.Y!!!!!!!!!!!

We met Dr. Daniela through our chiropractic clients and now friends Matt and Lesley.  We sat by the beach having drinks and appetizers and chatting about their ginormous wedding party. They booked us on the spot.

Franco and Michael hit it off instantly, both talking chef talk. Daniela and I chatted excitedly about her details. You may remember their gorgeous engagement photos we took at her uncle's 25,000 square foot mansion in Niagara. That night was unreal. And their wedding was even more amazing...if that's possible at all.

The morning was glorious as we embarked on the QEW, Niagara bound. We arrived to Daniela's home to be greeted by 10 bridesmaids, family and our videographer friend Dave Tebbutt. Her dress was hanging in their spacious and bright sunroom and she had sent me photos leading up to the day of all her details. I just love receiving these text messages of sheer excitement and anticipation!

Michael headed to Franco's house and photographed their handsome groomsmen. It was a hot one. I rode in the Rolls Royce with Daniela and her father and we stopped and waved to all the neighbours, bypassers and onlookers. I asked you know all of these people? Seems Niagara is a smaller town than one may think. Especially amongst the Italian community.

We arrived to Holy Rosary and the dashing groom was awaiting his lady. I absolutely loved the priest. The ceremony was candid and full of joy, instead of the usual sombre scripture. After all the key moments, he would instruct the congregation to clap and rejoice. Daniela looked like royalty walking down the aisle to her groom. Her dress was absolutely drop dead gorgeous.

She warned me there wouldn't be many tears during the day. And we caught some moments...but this group were ready to party. When the ceremony was over, the limo bus was awaiting and it was jumping. No literally, the bus was jumping. I swear I saw the wheels come off the ground. We quickly got the bus away from the church as the next bride was waiting for her big entrance. Apologies to her for interrupting her peaceful moment. But we were past that and headed for a celebration. Pronto!

The bridal party was beyond amazing. They were so much fun, so accommodating and did I mention ready to party? These gina's were rocking like homegirls with flavour...and this mungee cake can say so! The music, the food, the booze and the dancing...the team of photographers and videographers had to remind ourselves that this was our job as the bride and groom demanded we put down our cameras and join in.  You know what they say...when in Roma......

Daniela stopped at the LCBO for a refill for the bus. Everyone cheered and clapped as she weaved and bobbed through the aisles looking for a restock. We arrived to the mansion where, she instructed that everyone behave for half an hour and listen to Michael and I to take photos..and then they could wander around in awe of this building of grandeur.

It was hot and we worked fast. The photos were amazing. We headed to the venue at Club Roma and soaked in all of the details. The food stations were set up New York Style; all different types  such as sushi, antipasto, oysters, cocktails. It was unbelievable. The linens were provided by Simply Beautiful Decor. The entire room was transformed with what ended up resembling a classic movie.

The DJ was fantastic and gave us a heads up for every event that was about to happen. The live band during cocktail hour set the tone for the rest of the evening. The bride and groom and families were jamming in the hallway and the night hadn't even begun.

The food was wonderful, speeches short and sweet and the dancing commenced. Daniela surprised everyone with a choreographed dance with her dad to a medley of songs. When he started dancing like Beyonce and mouthing put a ring on it!!!, the crowd went wild. A bride and groom after my own heart, when they danced to their first song by Sam Cooke.

We stayed until the very end of the night when everyone was packing up and were sent to a lovely stone inn nearby to retire for the evening.

Daniela and Franco, I have truly never experienced a wedding like yours. We wished the night would have never ended and we were so deeply honoured to have captured your day and to have met your wonderful friends and family. We thank you for your referrals...(how many friends did you have at the wedding getting married, because my inbox is filling up with requests based on your names!)

We love you both so much and wish you love and happiness forever.

I hope you enjoy your VERY long blog post of sneak peeks. Many more to come.



And of course...a pic of us with the happy couple!

And some of my favourites.

And a behind the scenes!

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