Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A blue eyed family and their angel baby {Webster's Falls Dundas family photographer}

I had to laugh when I reconnected with an old friend Rob and his family. It had been years since I seen him...probably 15 to be exact. He remembered me as a party girl. And party we all did! When he asked how I got into photography, I recounted my memories of hating my office job and quitting on my lunch break with no plan in sight. He chuckled to Michael that he remembered the last time he saw me, I had also quit my high paying desk job, again with no plan in sight. But that was then and this is now and thank God I was a hot mess who somehow figured her life out. Better late then never.

Rob and his beautiful wife Jenny have two gorgeous blue eyed blonde haired precious bundles of joy. Benjamin is a fun loving and active little boy who loves to build things. In fact, if he promised to smile for the photos, he was going to be rewarded by a trip to Home Depot. I wonder if he got that excavator?

Bianca is a happy and giggly little girl with the hair of a cherub doll and the eyes of an angel.

It is difficult to imagine what this family went through when they lost their first born Elsa. This is not the first time we have photographed a family who have gone through this grieving process. It's important to them that they remember this angel baby in their family photos. They honoured Elsa with a small stuffed lamb. She will never be forgotten.

Rob and family....I hope you enjoy your sneak peeks of Saturday's session. It was great to connect again.

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