Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A fool to God

I was weak when you were strong,
you made me feel I didn't belong.
My heart and spirit were wide open for attack
but that's what happens when you're the sheep that's black.

Mistakes I've made, more than quite a few
But one is for solitaire, the tango for two.
The blame game frees the self from sin
but the truth is known from deep down within.

So time, faith and circumstance
have led me to this happy dance
of joy and freedom from the grips of pain
And you can never, ever, ever hurt me again.

Once shrunken and defeated, head bowed straight down
and now I'm upright and wear the Crown.
The Crown of peace, The Crown of success
The Crown of I'm no longer that dreaded mess.

Look at me, now look at you,
then tell me who is needy of who.
Such wasted time full of hatred and anger
My time here on earth will no longer be meagre.

We're all here living on borrowed time
and here I am writing this god awful rhyme.
I prayed for your soul when you didn't deserve it
but life and it's karma decides what sentence is fit.

The lessons I've learned, the growing I've done
my life it feels has just begun
So forgive you I may, forgive you I might
even if you never admit that I'm right.

At the end of the day and when it's time to turn in,
you put your head on the pillow and seek the truth from within.
You can lie to yourself, you can play a fraud
But you can never ever play a fool to God.

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