Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Elissa & Nick {Niagara Falls Engagement Photographer}

They walked into Club Roma the Sunday after we shot Daniela & Franco's wedding. Luckily for us, their photos from their engagement shoot which they used at the wedding were still up from the night before. Elissa saw the photos, asked who the photographer was, and said that we were the ones.

I guess fate and circumstance worked in our favour.

We had an hour conference call with Elissa and Nick and discussed their engagement photos. They wanted classic yet urban, romantic yet fun. We met with them this past Sunday. To be perfectly honest, I was having one of those days. Even photographers have days where they don't love their job. It's hard to be passionate and inspired 24/7.

Then the two of them stepped out of the car, dressed to kill and all smiles. This was going to be a great session. And being in the presence of true love can change any mood.

They had several outfit changes. They had 7 balloons to represent each grandparent lost. One popped so they about to scrap the idea when I chimed in that I could easily photoshop it. My loving husband asked..."you can?" I glared at him the way wives do and haughtily laughed...of course I can! (For more on that, check my business Facebook page with a photo I posted and accompanying story).

Elissa and Nick followed us where we weaved and bobbed along the Niagara Parkway and we pulled over into a dusty looking field. I am sure they were wondering about the less than fabulous location we had stopped at. But the light was just perfect. And you know how I'm a sucker for that dreamy golden hour light.

We ended off at the Botanical Gardens where Nick proposed to Elissa. We had a total blast with these two who are obviously meant for each other in every way. The way he looks at her with such pride and admiration is enviable and you can tell that he just wants to make her happy.

We can't wait to photograph your wedding next year! We love you guys! Hope you enjoy the sneakie peekies. Your enthusiasm is so appreciated.




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