Monday, October 28, 2013

At least I'll die trying

I'm a bitch, I'm a lover, I'm a child, I'm a mother, I'm a sinner, I'm a know the lyrics.

I've been called every name in the book, and my life has played out accordingly. I've been called bad names when I least deserved it and not credited when I most deserved it. And of course vice versa. I ain't no saint. And that's okay. I learn from my mistakes. I never quit. And at least I'll die trying.

Once upon a not too far off time, this chick right here (points thumbs towards herself), had no direction whatsoever in her life. She knew in her heart she had something special to offer, but had no idea where it would lead her. She discovered a wonderful photographer who, at the risk of sounding like a daily stalker, asked question after question about her inspiring craft. Since we hadn't met in real life, Nat and I decided on a composite meeting.

A year later, I would be photographing her maternity session.

Six months later I received a package with heartfelt words and images, reminding me that it's okay to go my own way, even when I wanted to give up, SO many times.

A year later I photographed her family and we had a sleepover.

Prior to this I had admired another photography team. So I took a course with them.

And then was asked to second shoot a wedding.

I was allowed to observe these amazing photographers, free of judgement and gossip. They genuinely wish others to succeed. They allowed me to post photos from the gorgeous wedding.
I reached out to an award winning photographer, and she responded. I invited her over for dinner since she'll be in town, and she didn't say no. I doubt she'll say yes...but it honestly never hurts to ask.

You know the saying, Show me your friends, I'll show you yourself. The same is true in business. If you want to aspire to be somewhere, do research. Ask questions. Reach for great heights. People tell me all the time they stalk me. I'm quite sure they don't mean it in a creepy sense because if so, I've come across creepy plenty of times in this career.

Don't whine about where you are not. Strive for greatness, where you feel that pang of envy towards others. Use that to fuel you to get better. Reach out to people who inspire you. Pay it forward to those who need your help. Compliment someone if you mean it. Gently critique if they ask. Stay quiet if they don't.

These have been my lessons. I may have failed, got laughed at, got talked about, got rejected, but I equally have succeeded, got credited, got complimented and accepted. And if nothing else, at least I'll die trying.


  1. This blog post made me fall even more in love with you! hehe - You are SO awesome!! glad I was doing makeup for that wedding you got to second shoot so I could be introduced to all the amazing things you are doing now! One word...Inspiration <3

  2. I hope by now you know how amazing you are, and how proud I am to be your friend! More importantly, how I will forever feel love and appreciation for every single memory you have created for us. I couldn't imagine having anyone else be the one to do it and I hope more than anything that I can return the favour one day/I can't wait! xoxo