Monday, October 21, 2013

Kate {Cambridge Maternity Photographer}

Soulmate. The dictionary defines it as: a person with whom one has a strong affinity, shared values and tastes.

It's no secret that I've been on the quest for a soulmate my entire life. I spent years looking for the romantic connection that you only seem to see on Hollywood big screens. I spent even more years in and out of both good and bad relationships, friendships, work arrangements, firing each one as I went along if it didn't meet my so called criteria.

Kate and I met under unique circumstances. She had initially hired me to photograph her maternity and newborn session. At the time I was feeling overwhelmed with shoots and threw out a price that was ridiculously high. She responded: that seems reasonable.

Hmm, I thought to myself. I guess I could do it. After all, she was a friend of a client who told me that her and I would hit it off based on a few things: she lived in Brantford, so did I. She was blonde, so was I. You know, the important things that constitute deep and meaningful relationships.

Our arrangement was brought to an abrupt halt as Kate and her husband lost their unborn child. I emailed her back with compassion, and asked if she was okay. Time went on and she eventually contacted me again, this time needing different photography services as she was transitioning from dental hygiene to real estate.

Blonde ambition showed up to my door, and I'm not talking about the Madonna tour. She was five foot short of nothing and brought sunshine into my home that early morning. I photographed her head shots in my living room, with my makeshift studio backdrop, trying to look as professional as I possibly could with my dog and cat running rampant. We instantly clicked. She blurted out during the photoshoot......OKAY! Let's do a boudoir session!

And so we made arrangements for this date to happen. During this time our friendship evolved from emails to text messages and hilarious debauchery & shenanigans. I decided to take our friendship to the next level. Let's get drunk one Saturday night! Again, a solid foundation to build a relationship upon. She sent me a photo of the magic plus (+) symbol. At first, I was pissed off. Way to go and get pregnant when we were just about to get our drink on! Of course the human part of me took over the ego and was overjoyed for her. I knew how much they had gone through the first time and I just prayed everything was going to go okay.

Through this time, Kate left dentistry and headed for the wild world of Real Estate. She was instantly successful. With her personality, generosity and charming demeanour, the clients were rolling in. I would see her once a week. Our routine was that she would pick me up, coffee in hand, cash in an envelope, and we would joke and talk as fast as we could in the two minutes we had to get to our location. Knocked on the door and it reverted to professional. We chatted with her clients, moved furniture, she staged their home and I photographed it. I would literally get home, edit the photos and get them back to her within 15 minutes. That's the other thing we had in common...returning information and communication at breakneck speed. Even when I would tell her to hire someone better than me for her jobs, for her important lifestyle shoots, she never once let me quit on her. She believe in me. She never gave up on me.

A couple of years have passed since we were first acquainted. She has since moved, has a thriving business and is expecting the arrival of her baby boy. Due on Christmas if you will!

I wanted this shoot to be special for Miss Kate and her husband. We arranged my dear girl from The Full Spectrum Carrie to come over and do her hair and makeup. Kate had a stylist come and arrange her wardrobe. And Michael and I photographed the evening. It was one of those shoots where the planning met spontanaity and magic just happened. Afterwards, we put the cameras down, had some delicious food and drink and just chatted about life, love and friendship. Kate gave me a card that I will never forget and always treasure. She wrote...about soulmates. About two people who laugh at the same things, with no judgement and no fear that the other is angry if time passes. That there is no bullshit and that when you see each other, your soul smiles, because you have met your soul sister. She is the kind of friend who, when calling at 7 am, you don't ignore the call, because you know it's for something important, or simply to just make you laugh hysterically. She's the kind of friend, that when you come home from a long trip, a box of matching PJ's awaits you with a message composed of stickers and scrapbook letters telling me that we now have matching pajamas for a slumber party.

 She's the kind of friend that when, you are hurt by someone, she will offer to run them over with her car...of course knowing full well she would never do such a thing...but just hearing it makes you feel better. She does not even realize how gorgeous she truly is, and is the first person to encourage me when I'm feeling less than confident about my craft. She is the kind of friend who gives generously, loves deeply and does everything whole heartedly.

That is how I feel about Miss Kate. And I could not be more thrilled for her and Ryan and their new baby to be. I hope these photos tell you how much I love you!!! You're going to make the most wonderful mother.




Hair and makeup by: The Full Spectrum

Styling by: Blue Collar Fashionista

Photography by:  Wendy Alana Photography

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