Thursday, October 24, 2013

Danielle & John {Oakville Wedding Photographer - Le Dome}

"All I need is everything I already have."

That's what's posted on her Instagram account. And that's exactly the kind of woman Danielle is. She is gracious, loving and kind. It's the simple things to her that are important. Family and friends. Love.

Danielle and John were wed in September. We met their family and wedding party at the rehearsal at the Hamilton Cathedral. We were so excited to shoot in this gorgeous building, but most importantly, to spend the day documenting the two of them.

This was their story. The rain didn't phase her and the backup location turned out to be better than the original plan. She now will remember the rain as a beautiful thing.

Danielle planned their date around our availability, I would learn this during her thank you speech. We are never expected to be thanked publicly, but we certainly appreciate your kind words about us, in front of your family and friends. It's validation that we are doing something right.

The wedding party was amazing, the food delicious and we were so grateful to be part of this day. Danielle and John make the most handsome couple on the outside, but truly when you get to know them, you'll realize their inside is what makes them so wonderful.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to ride alongside you during the whirlwind of a day. You enjoyed every second, smiled all day long and most importantly, married the person God made for you.

We love you both. Dinner at our house soon.


Enjoy the sneak peeks.



  1. Woooooow Amazing ..I love the pictures :) Congratulations and it was a wonderful wedding :) I'm soooo happy for u guys :) Lina Ambrosio

  2. Looking at these pictures really does capture how special that day really was and show how truly talented Wendy and Michael are. That day was so special to all of us and we were all so lucky to be there and I was feel especially lucky to have been there since for weeks prior to I didn't know if I was going to be able to make it to my baby sisters wedding because of health issues. However I was determined to see all her hard work and a years worth of stressing come together to make that one day absolutely the most perfect day; but we all knew it would be. Danielle you made a gorgeous bride but honestly did any of us think you wouldn't. John I always wanted a brother and it only took me 29 years to get one, and you looked so handsome in your tux and bow tie.
    Wendy and Michael you are truly made to be photographers. Your love and passion comes out in every single shot that you take. I look forward to getting on Facebook everyday to see what new pictures you have posted of people I don't even know just because you make everything look so magical and joyful, well that's my little confession for the day lol. I'm not engaged, or even dating anyone but for my one day wedding I want you to shoot it because I couldn't imagine experiencing that with anyone but that two of you.