Monday, July 21, 2014

Elissa & Nick {Carmen's Banquet Hall Hamilton Wedding Photographer}

Their love story began many years ago. Their day, after so many obstacles to get there, went off without a single solitary hitch. The rain proved to be the perfect romantic backdrop for beautiful lighting. And nothing, nobody and I mean absolutely nada was going to prevent these two from getting married.

Elissa's lovely family greeted me into their gorgeous Niagara home first thing in the morning. I worked alongside a couple of videographers, some very talented florists , eight bridesmaids and a hair and makeup team. Michael headed for Nick's home with the groomsmen. The ceremony took place at Holy Rosary Church and we watched on as Elissa's gorgeous train and stunning dress made by the one and only Kim of Valencienne, sailed down the aisle. Her handsome groom was waiting for her at the altar, eyes glistening with happy tears. At last, this day had come. The day where two became one and they started their own meaning of family.

After the photos were taken, with absolutely no complaining of the rain by the happy couple, we headed back to Carmen's Banquet Hall in Hamilton for the night's festivities. In true Italian form, the food was amazing. The decor stunning and the mood jovial. There were a few surprises that night. The first, Nick had been practicing piano for the past few months and learned to play John Legend's "All of Me" in the middle of the hall, much to Elissa's absolute bewilderment. This led them into their first dance where confetti softly fell on them and the guests looked on in sheer happiness and love for this couple.

Yet another surprise had been arranged by Elissa's sister. She had arranged for one of the Four Tenors to come and sing at their wedding. This is not something they ever do so this was special. Nick joined in with a serenade to his bride as the accordian player, straight from Italy accompanied.

It was an evening full of love, light and laughter. On our own wedding day, we looked at the world with a new discerning eye and started our own family and traditions from that point on. This is our wish for the new Mr. & Mrs. Pasquale.

May your lives be blessed with as much joy and happiness as your wedding day.

We love you!




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