Friday, July 18, 2014

Kandyce & Darren {Queen's Landing Niagara on the lake Wedding Photographer}

A short while back I received the most heartbreaking email from Kandyce. She informed me that her photographer, someone with a fashion background but who had never shot a wedding before lost all their wedding images. I'm a big believer in Karma so I won't trash him; these things can happen to any of us. There are disasters that are beyond our control and I don't wish that nightmare on any photographer, nevermind their clients.

Darren and Kandyce had their dream wedding at the beautiful Queen's Landing in April. No detail was missed and they had a perfect day. Except there were no photos to document the day.

When she emailed me and asked if somehow re-creating the wedding photos was even possible, I called her on the phone. If voices could show body language through the phone, I am sure she sat talking to me with slumped shoulders and a heavy heart.

They were not able to have any photos with their bridal party considering most of them lived in other parts of the world. She arranged with the wonderful Colleen of Queen's Landing to take some photos in and around the property with her new husband and her parents. It was nothing we had ever done before and I wasn't prepared for the very sombre mood that clung to the beautiful summer air.

I quickly recognized that it was up to us to change this mood. Yes, it was an all out tragedy. But here they were, given a second chance and an opportunity to wear their stunning wedding clothes all over again, and everything this season was now in full bloom. They had their first dance in the lobby under the chandelier she adored so much. They had their formal portraits in the library they loved so much. And the warm summer air reminded them that as seasons change and fade, so do bad memories. I showed her some of the photos on the back of the camera and she squealed in delight. She even sat in the grass for a photo opportunity, despite her un-fondness of outdoors and nature. Kandyce's mom who does makeup in film and tv, gave me the biggest high five when she saw her daughter smiling.

We know that we could never replace your wedding photos but we hope that these will be a reminder of your very perfect day, the life you share together and a lesson learned to all of you: do your homework on who you hire and trust for your very special day that can't be redone, and if you're very lucky, you'll never have to worry about re-doing your wedding photos. In this case, we think sometimes things work out as they are supposed to and perhaps they wouldn't have been as relaxed in their photos as they were the second time around.

God bless you both and your beautiful families.

Much love,


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  1. UGH they are JUST as stunning and happy and in love as they were on April 19th. I'm SO happy you were able to help recreate these memories for an absolutely lovely couple. These are perfect and make me smile so big!