Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Terry & Mary {Vineland Estates Wedding Photographer}

It was to be a small Greek affair. Wait, small? Greek? I had never heard those two words in the same sentence when describing a European wedding. But alas, Mary and Terry were a couple after my own heart. Engaged in Italy. A small and intimate ceremony and reception at the beautiful Vineland Estates in Niagara's wine country. The details were charming. Their love obvious. And the heat at times unbearable. But there is no denying that dreamy golden sunlight that we adore shooting in. There is also no denying the connection that Mary and Terry have both with each other and their families and friends. They are a wonderful and kind hearted pair who really understand what the meaning of a wedding is. They went from table to table to greet their guests and personally hand out favours.

I absolutely adore these two and we hope they have a fabulous time on their honeymoon.

For now, some sneak peeks. 




p.s. All gorgeous flowers were done by Shelley Scott of Wine Country Floral

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