Sunday, April 22, 2012

Baby talk, and all that jazz.

"Bobby! Bobby, get over here right now!" We used to tease our friend Darko in highschool because of the nickname his sister coined for him in replacement of "brother" which she couldn't say when she was younger. Years later, I stumbled upon a photographer friend of my cousin, and holy crap! Bobby was all grown up and found himself a supermodel-looking lady friend! I kept in touch with him and his fiancee over Facebook and we hit it off instantly. Andrea had asked me back in the winter to photograph their family which included a new addition to their European household and today I headed over with Michael. Darko and I joked like old times and I swooned over his beautiful family and how gorgeous they looked in front of the lens. We had lattes, croissants and as the afternoon rolled on, a few beers and caught up on old times. I found myself talking baby talk to Luka Bronx...the adorable reason we were there today. Luka Buka! Luka Luka koo koo face! Luka peekaboo! I've never been a huge fan of babies but this year I've grown quite fond of them. Luka flirted and posed and made us laugh all day as he danced to house music in his Hugo Boss designer duds. This kid is going to be a heartbreaker, actor, model, comedian or maybe all of the above but one thing is for certain.....he is the light of his parents' eyes.

The benefits of my job are threefold; I get to do what I love, make friends along the way and offer people the gift of preserving their memories. I find myself sometimes burnt out and run down, but  every once in a while I need a day like today to fuel my soul and rejuvenate my heart.

Dre, Darks & Luka Buka koo koo face.....thank you for today! May we see you many more times in your growing years, with or without the camera.

Love always,



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  1. We absolutely love the photos! Thank you so much for capturing our little family so beautifully. You truly captured the spirit of the day and made Luka comfortable in front of the lens. Both you and Michael are so talented! We will recommend your services to anyone who is looking for talented, professional photographers who are a joy to work with and has the ability to put you at ease. Thank you again for everything.