Thursday, April 5, 2012

The freedom from choice.

We've had a lot of requests for printing and album companies. Initially, I only offered a disk of images, for the mere fact that I was already overwhelmed with my OSEB program workload as well as starting a new business. I just couldn't bear to take on more research and trial and error.

A year under my belt and my first wedding of the season next Friday, I am armed and ready for what this next chapter has to bring. We have found an amazing album company that is both user friendly and offers simplicity in choice. The freedom from choice. Isn't it having too many options and choices in life that end up making us wishy washy and indecisive? Have you ever found it too difficult to make a decision these days, so out of frustration we choose nothing?

I don't know how many brides I have spoken to that have yet to print their wedding photos due to the daunting task of trying to choose between the hundreds of images. We have sent our sample album out to print and are excited to see what it looks like so we can start ordering for our clients. Albums can take photographers and clients weeks to design. We were able to streamline the process into a couple of hours. The quality and artisanal beauty of these thick photographic printed pages are far superior than any of the local or online products we've seen. These are after all your wedding images. You don't want them printed at Wal-Mart.

Here are are some of the engagement and wedding images we chose for our sample album. I am excited to receive it and will be looking out for Mr. Courier man every day until it arrives.

Contact us if you are interested in printing any of your photo sessions. We'll take the headache out of doing it yourselves!


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