Thursday, April 19, 2012

On being called an amateur and then hitting a home run.

Six months ago I stood in front of a Dragon's Den sort of committee, presenting my business plan and requested consideration of a local program which funds new entrepreneurs. I fumbled through my papers, snorted nervously when I laughed and spoke embarassingly fast. When my presentation time was up, my consultant met with me and offered me feedback. She said I came across kind of flighty and amateurish but that my passion definitely shone through.

I used to dread my weekly meetings with my consultant, mostly because I was overwhelmed with the amount of business that was coming in and in tangent, working full time on my business plan through Enterprise Brant which was necessary in order to keep the funding coming in for my new company.

Life is cyclical and here I am, feeling strangely sad that my meetings are now over. The lady that used to annoy me, I actually started looking forward to seeing. Even though we didn't always see eye to eye, she hugged me proudly today and said that I "hit a home run". Today I stood in front of the same committee, plus a few newcomers and discussed the status of how things at Wendy Alana Photography were operating. I saw a lot of head nodding and supportive smiles and was told that I have amazing business processes in place, so much so that they are learning these same processes in their management courses. I was told that I knocked it out of the park.

The same girl that used to hate baseball because I stunk at it so badly, was standing tall and proud and discussing my position as pitcher, umpire, coach and team mascot.

The changes to my website are still under construction. I've been working with a videographer who has followed me around to photo shoots and weddings and is piecing together a promo video. I was sent this rough footage of past clients and friends' testimonials and it is a strangely uncomfortable yet touching emotion to hear what people think of you and your work.

To know that someone feels they just have to tell me their dreams and I will bring them to fruition is something that I cannot explain. My mom said that her office was abuzz with people talking about the wedding pictures of a staff member's daughter that Michael and I photographed and to know that I've made my mother proud is a wonderful feeling.

Happy six months to Wendy Alana Photography and thank you to everyone who has been a part of this amazing journey! Many more exciting things to come. Never, ever ever give up on your dreams. If you work hard and never quit, unbelievable things can happen.

Click here to view unedited video of client testimonials

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