Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Viva Mexico!

Call it a fluke or "Fate-ish" as my June bride calls it. She was looking for a wedding photographer to come to her Mayan Riviera wedding. A past client of mine let me know that she had posted an inquiry on their Binbrook Facebook page and recommended me. I jumped on that train as fast as I could and sent her my information, to which she replied that I am awesome, but perhaps too awesome for her to be able to book.

We chatted, worked out an arrangement and I have been told to pack my bags because in 38 days, Michael and I are flying out with a group of 30 cool and laidback people to photograph this amazing marriage by the ocean.

The bachelorette party will be held in Playa Del Carmen. A girl after my own heart. And oddly enough, their resort is steps from where Michael and I said "I do."

My already amazing wedding season just took a turn to being even more amazing. And for almost next to nothing, we booked an extra week. Two weeks of paradise is exactly what the Dr. ordered in this household.


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