Thursday, August 23, 2012


Luck has found me. Literally. A gal named Annabelle Luck has made my Madonna life! She had available Madonna tickets in Ottawa, amazing seats with not a soul in front of us, dead centre. To make things even sweeter, I am heading to photograph my idol Natalie Spencer's maternity session. She just so happens to live around the corner from the stadium in our Capital city. We have yet to meet in real life but some time ago, I put a message in a bottle with a note scribbled in Italian asking the Gods to bring her a baby. I tossed it into a rapidly moving stream and someone in power must have found it, opened it up and granted our wish for her. Good thing the bottle was air tight!

We will head from Ottawa to a chalet in the mountains of Mont Tremblant for two nights and from there embark on our trip to Montreal. My husband has yet to see this magical place.

Today for me, is a good day despite my morning sombre of remembering a phone call I received exactly two years ago of a family member's death. She will never be forgotten. My mother always says, life must go on and be lived, for we are on this side and have no choice but to keep on going. One day at a time.

This is my journey. And I feel lucky every single day. Is it luck? Or is the saying true that luck favours the well prepared?

Unsure. Don't care.



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