Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Could Be.

Think how beautiful the world COULD BE, if everyone just made people smile.
We as humans will do bad things, but do something to our loved ones,
our mother, our spouse, our children...it's insane how the threat of a loved one lost 
can put things in perspective.
We hoard and show off all our belongings and bling
but, gun to the head, we say fuck it...take it all....
just give me back my family.

But at our core, if there is no bad, how could you ever appreciate the sweet.
It can't all be good. You would never savour it.
We would all be like the tin man walking around thinking the world is just ordinary.
And fine. Because in order to appreciate the sweet you have to taste the oh so sour.

But think about how beautiful the world COULD BE.

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