Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The got lost in the mail trick.

I've had clients book me based on my turnaround time to their emails alone. Response time matters. In this world of instant gratification, people don't want to wait days or weeks until they hear back from someone. Especially when planning a wedding. I am shell shocked at how many people tell me that professionals don't get back to them. Sometimes for weeks. Sometimes ever.

Equally as alarming is keeping your word. It's easy enough to see the all mighty green flash before your eyes. Most people are keen on locking down that sale but do not keep their end of the bargain when it comes to delivery. Clients wait months and sometimes years to get their final photos back. Some photographers pull the "it's in the mail" and feign surprise when the client says they never received anything. Sadly, that's because they never sent it. Cheque's in the mail, sorta deal. Yah. I'm still waiting for the piece of "registered mail" that has yet to arrive. Return to sender. I'm no longer interested.

It's bad business ethic and will land you a bad reputation. Clients talk. The world is small. Word gets around. If you're too busy to keep your end of the deal then you shouldn't be in the service industry. You shouldn't be working with the public if their expectations don't matter, especially when it's to do with photographs...some are which are time sensitive. You don't want to be delivering your newborn and still not received your wedding photos. Or someone passes away in your family and you don't yet have the photos of when they were living. Now they are just a faded memory.

Just be professional, keep your word, manage your expectations and for God's sake. Call people back.

With that being said, Lea and Steve, your Costa Rica wedding photos are finished. Call me to set up a time for us to view the photos.

I promise to pick up the phone.


Wendy & Michael

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