Friday, May 24, 2013

In memory of Tim Bosma

It's been a busy week and lots of blog posts to come. Today is my last day for the special I am running for Tim Bosma's fund. $4800 has been raised for the Tim Bosma fund with the help of you all booking your family photo shoots with us. TODAY is the last day in which my special is running...which is a one hour family photo shoot in the Hamilton area, for $300 (regular price $550), 30 retouched images and a disk of final photos at a location of your choice. Half the proceeds will be donated to the Bosma $2,400 so far is a nice number to give to the woman who is left with sorrow and no husband. I've emailed their family to let them know we have raised this and also would be interested in donating a photo shoot once (and if ever) they are ready to make new memories. TIm Bosma's family member responded to my email and when the time is right, Sharlene will be notified of everyone's outpouring of love. She knows she is not alone.

Thank you to the people who booked with us, some who want to remain nameless, and also Sharon Hall, Jillian Smith, Sandi Siromasic Rupcich, Irena Hecimovic, Anita Alessandro, Michelle Roberts, Stacey Allen Cillis, Courtney McKenna, Christine AE, Michelle Kharrat, Kate O'Dea, Jaclyn Hickey, Kelly Novotny

Have a great day knowing that YOU made a difference. xo

Here's a snippet of my week in photos and screen shots. Family for family, we will photograph and shoot, as our way of showing Sharlene our support. Always on our minds.

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