Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Milania & Luka Bronx {Oakville family photographer}

We did the Brajic family photos last year and were thrilled to photograph the newest addition to the family, Milania! I went to highschool with Darko and everytime we get together with him and his gorgeous wife, it's like a blast from the past. We had literally 20 minutes before the rain came and the kids got fussy for this photo session. Then, we just documented them, well just being them in their own environment. I loved how they turned out. I love how fiercely loyal and committed the two of them are to their children. Model family, anyone?




  1. Wow! Gorgeous family!!! Beautiful photos, amazing work Wendy!

  2. “We often find ourselves browsing through the pictures you have taken and all because of the beauty and awesomeness you capture every time. You always do such a great job.” -Darko, Andrea, Luka Bronx and Milania