Friday, June 21, 2013

A long time coming....Caroline & Dave {Niagara wedding photographer}

It's been a long time coming.  The union of two people who've been in each other's lives for years. He was her brother's best friend. She was the little sister who grew up to be a stunningly beautiful, smart and caring woman and mother.

This post is not like the rest. This post is not for the rest of us and the rest of you who don't know their story. This post is for the ones who do. For the friends and family who've been there. Through the ups and downs and the twists and turns of life that brought two people together later in life.

I was arriving home on the plane from shooting a Costa Rica wedding and turned my phone on for the first time in a week. I got a text message from Caroline hoping that I was available for June 9th for a big family event. It just so happened that was the only day this month we were free. And it just so happened that the big family event was her wedding. I was overjoyed.

The degree of separation in Stoney Creek is much smaller than six. Everyone is connected somehow. Caroline showed up to my birthday party last year and we've reconnected ever since. We did a boudoir shoot together, a family shoot with her and her precious daughter Gemma and now, her wedding.

She had sixteen, count it, sixteen flower girls and ring bearers. We knew it would be chaotic and had a family photo list to keep things organized. When I arrived to Caroline's house, she was already dressed and helping her nieces and sisters with getting organized. Because that's the kind of person she is. She planned her wedding in months. She was not concerned about the typical bridal details. She wanted a big family party and came up with the idea to take photos of each individual family. Because when else is everyone together and dressed up?

The day was perfectly warm. It got a little too warm. And the kids started wavering. Caroline didn't bat an eyelash. The photos didn't go exactly as planned but that's okay. We found a way. And that's what keeps our job interesting and pushes us to be resourceful in how we get things done.

During the ceremony, Dave presented Gemma with a ring. She signed as their witness. The priest made jokes. Their friends laughed alongside. And everyone was just so darned happy for the two of them.

At the reception, speeches and toasts were made. Even when the kids were tugging and vying for Caroline's attention...I watched her. She never once looked bothered. And did you know? Italians LOVE to dance! And wow did they dance. We all did.

I've included a little more than I typically would for a blog post. All of the family formal shots will be given on the final disk but Caroline hired us for a candid approach to her day. And so that's what we did. We photographed as we saw the day and moments unfold. So if you don't see yourself in these photos, rest assured we have still captured it.

I'm so proud to call these two my friends and it was such a wonderful and different experience to be working amongst a big group of people who I grew up with. I hope you had an amazing trip in Bahamas and that this sneak peek of photos is only a glimpse of what your beautiful new life together will hold.

We love you both!




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