Thursday, June 6, 2013

Melissa & Jon {Simcoe Engagement Photographer}

I met Mel at Henry's a few years back...when I was learning photography. She had bright pink hair and was so knowledgeable and patient with me. She never once laughed at my stupid questions...and I had a lot. For being 15 years my junior, she certainly knew a lot about photography. When she asked me to be her wedding photographer, I was beyond flattered. I was downright humbled and also a bit nervous. Photographers are especially picky with who they choose to document their memories. 

We had an amazing evening on Mels' grandmother's property. There were acres of land, trees, ponds and beauty. We then retreated down the road to her parent's place for some more rustic charm. Her mom laughed when I wanted to photograph against their garage. That old thing? She said they were tearing it down soon but I just loved the character.

The session was all things vintage, from Melissa's Nikon film camera and her original old fashioned pastel green bicycle. 

On a side note, I've been holding off editing this engagement shoot. One thing I struggle with is my consistency; in editing, in shooting, and in overall mood of the photos. After spending some time and conversations with Beth & Ty I've come to realize a few things. They've forced me to ask myself certain questions about my business, shooting style, rationale. I've taken these things into consideration and am pretty proud of this session; all edited in Lightroom and not touched in Photoshop.

I was convinced there was a magic secret amongst the industry experts that I was missing out on. The secret is really inside ourselves.

So, thanks Beth & Ty for your help and support. Thanks Mel & Jon for an amazing evening.

We can't wait for your Valentine's Day wedding in 2014! Hope you love the photos and song choice I've selected.



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