Tuesday, June 18, 2013


It was the best good deed I've ever done. I ran a contest each week for people who 'liked' my Facebook page and randomly selected a person each week to be eligible to win a free photo session with me. Chloe, a visitor from Australia, won the contest.

We first met Chloe at Lea & Steve's stag and doe and had the pleasure of spending a week with her at their Costa Rica wedding. I could have listened to her accent and her laugh forever! Chloe is Steve's cousin, but has found a special spot in Lea's heart. When I told Lea that Chloe had won, a plan hatched. We arranged for her hair and makeup (Thank you so much to my girl Carrie from The Full Spectrum salon!) to get done so Chloe could get the entire experience. You see, she doesn't quite see what we see. She was super nervous, made fun of herself the entire time and said how awful and undeserving she was of the shoot.

Game on.

This exotic and fun beauty loves to climb trees. She is hilarious and kind and LOVES to laugh. We ended the shoot with some funky photos on the beach of Port Dover....not all chicks love to wear tutus...she loves rock music and is one of the most wicked, genuinely awesome people I have ever had the chance to meet. When she came back from Costa Rica and got her passport stamped at Pearson to stay another few months, we were all so relieved.

Alas, her time with us is coming to an end. She leaves in two weeks to head back to her family whom I'm sure will be as equally glad for her to be home as we are sad for her to leave. Poor Lea.

I asked Lea what Chloe meant to her. This is what she had to say:

Chloe is the most genuine soul I have ever met. After knowing her for only a few days, you are made to feel like you have been life long friends forever. She gives everyone the benefit of the doubt until they have proven otherwise and is the most sincerely thoughtful person. An example is the other day, I casually told her my Lulu pants were bugging me because they were too tight around my stomach and she noticed another pair while she was at the outlets that had a wider elastic band. She bought them for me to help me with my upset stomach. Another time, I casually mentioned that I get lonely in the mornings getting ready for work and eating breakfast by myself. It took me several days to notice but every time she sleeps over on weekdays, when I normally get up and ready alone, she wakes up early to have breakfast with me and keep me company until I leave for work. Chloe has the amazing ability to make the most dismal days, toughest situations or just a regular Tuesday better just by being there. She always knows what to say or how to make you feel better and lights up a room as soon as she enters. People gravitate towards her because she exudes such a magnetism. When she asks how your day was, she really listens and cares. In six months, she has totally impacted my life to the point that I honestly do not know how I will get by without her.

Love, Lea

Chloe, in the short term that I have got to know you, I've come to realize that there are still some unassuming, caring and loving people out there. Your passion for photography and your family is so evident and I hope we cross paths again one day. Who knows, maybe you will be starting your own photography business in Australia one day! Looking forward to seeing you this week.

You're very loved!



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