Tuesday, June 11, 2013

In one hot minute.

Do you ever wonder how a small decision can change your life forever? Sometimes I find myself micro managing my decisions...but only usually after being immediately cognizant of the impact. For example, we left Sunday's wedding sheerly exhausted. I stayed behind a few extra minutes to dance with my friends and say some extra long goodbyes. Had we have left earlier, we would never have hit the animal on the highway, been forced to pull over at the gas station and curse a thousand times that this was just our luck.

As fate or circumstance would have it, a kind man pulled up next to us and asked if we needed help. We clearly fit the part of needing to be saved. Dressed in suit and chandelier earrings, we were laying under the car trying to figure out what the hell happened. He just so happened to be a mechanic and owned a body shop. Right? He shook his head and in his opinion, we would be spending some serious dough on repairs. Of course. Like all great timing, we just got paid our balance for the wedding, in cash, and there it went....gone....because of a bullshit raccoon. Money in, money out.

If only I hadn't of danced that extra song. If only we took the side roads instead of the highway. And then we started analyzing. Maybe we should just call a tow truck. I don't have a good feeling, we were saying aloud. About every road we took. Should we turn right? Left? Any decision could have a major impact on our lives. And really, we just wanted to get the hell home, out of our work clothes and hit the sack.

We then went to our mechanic and for his good deed, he charged us a whopping $32 to fix our car (including an oil change) because of the fact that we go to him all the time and bring him a lot of business.

So really....was our hitting the animal an opportunity to recognize human kindness, twice in two days, in a world where nobody wants to think about anyone but themselves and definitely not get involved in a stranger's problems at 2 in the morning? In Ancaster. A city where the obvious has just gone amuck all over the tabloids. Or should we be grateful that perhaps, if we had left five minutes later, we would have been involved in a horrible transport truck collision?

A friend of mine texted me that she saw a cousin of mine who lives 20 hours away. Sitting right next to her drinking a Tim Hortons beverage the other day. She even sent me a picture... She rolled down the window to say something and the pickup truck drove away. She asked me....what is the point of this random sighting? If nothing is coincidence and everything has a meaning...what is the meaning of these random run ins? Do some things have no purpose at all? We could drive ourselves batty wondering about the oddities of life.

I was about to start shooting the ceremony portion of the wedding on Sunday when I heard a familiar voice call my name..a nickname that has always been reserved for childhood friends. Wendel Clark? LOL!!! My maiden name....yes...Wendy Clark. Drea was attending the ceremony and asked why I stopped writing my personal blog. I have often thought about continuing it, but mused that it may cross the line with business. Over the past week I have had five different people ask me where they can find my writings because they related to my words. Maybe I need to start sharing again. Maybe this was my message and meaning.

Things can change in a hot minute. But do we have control over choosing path A or path B? Are both predetermined paths that will end up with the same fate? Or is it like a choose your own ending book where we can control our outcome by the path that we selectively choose to take?

What, you think I have the answers? I'm here asking you. Because I'm perplexed. And full of questions. And often find myself in hindsight trying to grasp at reasoning. Thinking that things have a strange way of working out....even if we can't see the meaning straight away.

It's funny that I preach to my husband to be wary and careful of strangers in need. And then, just like that, someone pulls up in a deserted gas station at the wee hours of the morning to teach me a lesson. And just like that, my heart warmed and perspective changed. I hugged him as he grumbled he was going to get my dress dirty.

And here I am. Survivor of roadkill. Ambassador of timing. Observer of coincidence.

Sometimes a short term inconvenience can make for a lifelong lesson. Sometimes we will never immediately figure out the message. But I will never stop trying.



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